“Walking with God – Part 2”

July 1, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Acts 9: 10-19 |


Very often we make the mistake of trying to figure life out on our own. For some reason or another, we tend to think that if we just find out what successful people are doing and do what they do- then all will work out fine in our lives. However, that is not always true, nor does it take into account that God desires to have a personal relationship with each of us that is specifically unique to us. Bottom line- God wants us to walk through life with Him. And our walk with God takes us through many ups and downs, hills and valleys, good days and bad days.

Here in our text, we find Paul's life is interrupted by God so that Paul would eventually begin walking with Him. It is through this encounter between Paul and Ananias that we are able to glean a few principles which may be applied to our lives as we learn to walk with God. We see that there is a collaborative effort between Ananias and Paul resulting in Paul's advancement. Simultaneously, God makes clear of His designation of Paul's leadership, while eliminating inhibitions in Paul's life that could have gotten in his way.

God desires to walk with each of us and it is necessary that we learn to walk through life with Him.