“When God Says Wait”

October 22, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 40:16-23 |


The reality is that most if not all of us dislike, abhor, can't stand or just out right hate waiting. If your'e anything like me I don't like waiting in lines.  I don't like waiting in traffic.  Nor do I like waiting for sorrowful situations or unpleasant circumstances beyond my control to change for the better.  There is something about the feeling of being forgotten that has a way of causing anxiety, agitation and angst. 

Sometimes we may witness people at our places of employment moving up the proverbial ladder of success, yet we remain in the same position.  Very often we may see other couple's families/ marriages flourishing and growing, yet we find ourselves still stuck in the same rut without any noticeable progress at all.  Waiting or feeling like you've been forgotten by God is a reality that most if not all of us experience.  At times we may even see others growing spiritually, while wondering what is going on with me?  
When God says wait and we feel like He has forgotten us there are a few things we can grab from Joseph's experience that help us deal with waiting which is a part of the process of development. We must remember to be productive, be personally prepared, be ready for God's promise to come to pass.  Yes, this takes tremendous fortitude but yields immeasurable results.  Trust that God has not forgotten you.  He's just waiting for you to catch up to what He is developing in you!