“When the Issue Returns”

May 19, 2019 ()

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Each of us is well acquainted with struggle. In fact, most of my students are quick to let me know, in their words, "the struggle is real."  And if we were honest with ourselves most of us are aware that in this life we will have issues and struggles that we must face.  Some of us will experience financial struggles, many of us will encounter struggles with relationships, and some will engage in internal struggles. So we know that we will have our share of struggles and issues to overcome.
However, the question is what does one do when we have gone through a struggle, we have gotten past the problem, we've made it through the madness- and then the issue returns? There are times in life when we get beyond an issue, but then out of nowhere the issue returns or resurfaces again.
Jesus helps his disciples, as well as us, with this situation by letting the crowd know that when an issue shows up again in your life that you thought was behind you there are a few things you must know.  You must know whose side you're on, know that the enemy is persistent, and know that God's word sustains you