“Why is Changing So Difficult?”

February 23, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 10: 34-42 |

Changing our behavior is one of the most challenging things to do. It is a self-engineering challenge with few equals. In other words, not much matches the challenge of implementing change in our lives. Long term behavior change is one of the hardest challenges we'll ever face. Whether the change involves diet, exercise, habits, dependencies, or anything else, long term behavioral change is one of the hardest things you and I will ever have to do. And for almost any change that you and I have to make, we pretty much have an idea of what to do-the challenge is doing it! In other words, for the most part, we don't lack long term change because we don't have information on how to change. We live in an information-driven society. We have information at our fingertips --books on how to become successful, self-improvement books, tons of diet plans to follow, millions of exercise and training regimens to use--yet we somehow can find ourselves not making long term changes in our lives. Well, Peter has this same issue in our text. He has come to a point where a change had to take place in his life. He's had to move from one stance about God to another, and it wasn't easy for Peter. And so often, change is not easy for us either. But we find in our text that Peter's mindset, model, and mission had to shift in order for long term change to take place in his life.