“Your Pain Can’t Block His Promises”

October 29, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 45: 4-15 |


Probably one of the most despised experiences in life next to waiting on God is going through painful situations. Most of us don't sit well with painful predicaments. If the truth were its hard to see any real rhyme or reason for painful situations. Yet all of us are well acquainted with our share of painful moments in our lives. And very often we can get so consumed by painful predicaments that we lose sight of God's promises because the pain can be so great! However, God wants us to know that our pain can't block out or cancel out His promises!

Joseph shows us that we have to try to maintain the proper perspective of pain and realize that God uses painful situations for divine purposes while simultaneously providing promotions through the pain. We can see from Joseph's responses to his brothers that he has also developed power from the painful journey he has endured to become second in command of all Egypt. So let us take a lesson from Joseph that pain can't cancel out God's promises.